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Real combat game minus the sweat & bruise

For Kids, Sporties, Activity lover, Everyone!

Largest system

With over 100 battlesuits ready, we are the biggest and most complete operator in Phuket & Thailand

Latest equipment

Latest equipment with personal screen for Live scoring, Health and Ammo, Eye safe Laser guided bullet

Advanced arena

Eden room explores the basic of the game. While Space room intensifies the shooting experience.

Never boring

Returning customer? We got you covered. Intense sniper, Boss mode or Free for all game mode are available to test your skill. Feeling pro? Ask our staff and book to play with our Dream Team!

Private event

We can tailor and transform our place to suit you, whether its a Birthday party, School event or Corporate team building activities. Private party room, Beverages, custom game, tournament game are available


Apart from Laser tag, Game Space Patong provides Racing, Sports, Music, Kids game and professional VR & MR Mixed Virtual Reality game. Other activities on site are Food, Deserts, Banking and Spa

What is Laser tag shooting game?

Think BB gun or Paintball game. The game is suitable for 5-70 years old since we use virtual laser bullet and air conditioned arena so rest assured that you be safe.

How long is the game?

You will spend 15 minutes to experience our gameplay. Minimum of 20 minutes required for 1 game so please book 2 games at least 20 minutes apart.

Price? What is included?

400 Baht per person. The price includes 1 game, locker, individual scoresheet. A medal and certificate for the winner and high performance shooter.

How many player needed?

Come alone and join us or form your own team. From 1-11 players per side.

Is it dangerous?

The gun fires virtual bullet and guided laser which is 100% eye safe CLASS II 1mW. We care about your safety greatly. Running, Crawling, Climbing and Harming other players are strictly prohibited. The game is safe for all ages.


You score points by hitting opponents in the vest using laser guided gun. Anyone who got shot will be deactivated for 6 seconds, so use this time to find cover just like in the video game! We have a briefing theatre and staff to explain the game in multiple languages!

Game modes

  • ONE SHOT is a classic laser game and a great way to explore the game and improve your skill.
  • SNIPER intensifies the game with a stealthy weapon that discreetly eliminates the opponent without them knowing. However, the reload time will be much longer if you miss.
  • BOSS invades the battlefield and destroys anyone in its path. He earns players 5 times the score than regular opponents. So your primary objective is shooting the boss while preventing opponents from doing so.
  • SHIELDING introduces an all new gameplay experience. A free for all game where players compete individually with a regenerative shield, a rapid machine gun and a powerful rifle.

Game rooms

White 'EDEN' room is a good starting point. The layout is easy to play and understand, yet fun and mesmerizing. Red 'SPACE' room is designed for a hardcore and intense gaming experience. Many unexpected features that make the game more advance and involved.

Corporate booking

Corporate Laser Game includes: Private team building game, Leaderboard or Tournament, Medals & Certificate provided. Tailored game mode and event available.

For big groups and ongoing activities please contact us via the form below or at

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This will make Laser Battle in your top 10 things to do in Patong, promise!

Located in Game Space Patong, leading entertainment complex in Bangla road. Restaurants, Banking and Spa on site.

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